About Barbara

Barbara and her husband, Don, reside in Sugarloaf, California. Sugarloaf is located at the 7000 feet level in the Big Bear Valley in the San Bernardino National Forest. This is one of the few areas of Southern California that has four seasons.

From 1979 until 1994, Barbara worked as a mitigation expert on death penalty cases. Her work kept her in the courtroom and in prisons working with defendants facing the death penalty. In 1994, after having worked on 42 death penalty cases, Barbara decided that it was time to retire from her work with death penalty defendants. Her passion for the outdoors led her to pursue a career as a nature photographer.

Barbara begin studying photography through the University of California at Santa Cruz and the New York Institute of Photography. She also studied through workshops with some of the country’s leading photographers. After attending a Death Valley workshop with black and white photographers Rod Dresser and Richard Newman, Barbara became fascinated with black and white photography and darkroom work. She immediately built a darkroom in her home. In 1996, Barbara’s first limited edition Black and White series was printed. Barbara now photographs in both color and black and white.

In June of 1996, Barbara joined Ronn Patterson, Captain and Naturalist, aboard the Delphinus to photograph humpback whales in Southeast Alaska. The trip had such an impact on Barbara that since that time a good deal of her time has been spent photographing whales in Mexico, Alaska and Channel Islands National Park. She has photographed many whale species including humpbacks, orcas, fin, gray, minke, pilot, belugas and blue.

In June of 1998, Barbara spent time in Denali National Park and in the Seward area where she photographed caribou, Dall sheep, moose, grizzly, porcupine and many other native species. In September of 1999 Barbara traveled to Silver Salmon Creek with Moose Peterson to photograph free roaming grizzlies. This opportunity to photograph the grizzlies on the ground rather than from a shooting platform was an incredible experience. In July 2000, Barbara returned to Alaska and traveled aboard Delphinus with Ronn Patterson and Tom Johnson. The trip turned out to be packed with incredible experiences, including calving glaciers, rolling icebergs, grizzly bears, transient orcas attacking a Stellar Sea Lion bull and an incredible breaching juvenile humpback. Alaska is still Barbara’s favorite place to photograph.

Barbara was first published in The Best Of Photography Annual: 1995 by Serbin Communications. In 1995 she was a finalist in the Sierra Club’s annual photography contest. She has received commendations for her work from the National Wildlife Federation. In January of 1997, Barbara had her first article, Garbage Bear, published. Since that time she has had many photographs, and articles published in the United States, Canada, South American and in Europe. Her credits include National Geographic, National Geographic Books, Swiss Air, Turner South, Shutterbug Magazine, Inland Empire Magazine, Jetsetting, First Air of Canada, On the Mountain, Tamdeia AG, MTV; “The Best of Nature Photography, Images and Techniques of the Pros” a book by Amherst Media, newspapers, local magazines and numerous websites. Several environmental organizations have featured Barbara’s work, such as the Endangered Species Coalition, Environmental Protection Agency and Save the Estuaries. Barbara’s work has been used commercially by numerous advertising agencies in Europe and the United States. Barbara’s fine art prints are in private collections around the world.

In September of 1996, Barbara’s web page took form. In January of 1998, Shutterbug Magazine featured Barbara’s website in an article about photographers on the internet. Although the web site is a photography site, Barbara has attempted to put emphasis on the environment and endangered species. Barbara has a special desire to educate children about the environment by developing their interest in the animals and their habitat needs. She has been most encouraged by the interest in her website and photography shown by the many visitors that have emailed her. She hopes that her photography will have an effect on others by causing them to be touched by the beauty of nature.

Barbara’s fine art prints are exhibited in galleries in Southern California, as well as in juried art shows in the Southern California area. Her fine art prints are represented by Ethos Contemporary Art and sold through Amazon Fine Art. Barbara has an extensive collection of stock photos which can be licensed directly with Barbara or through Getty Images.


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